Layers of London

Map the stories & heritage of London

Search, compare and contribute to the many historic maps of one of the world’s greatest cities.

Layers of London is currently in beta and, for the first phase, we’re concentrating on the Barking & Dagenham area.

Ways to help document the evolving history of London

Become one of our Georeferencers or add your stories to Layers of London by contributing to the maps.

Fancy being a Layers of London Layer Maker?

We’ve a lot of hard work to do to get our historic maps look more accurate. You can help out by fixing some old maps.

Let's make some layers

Got an interesting story about a place?

You can add notes and interesting info to your old street, school, workplace, or somewhere that was special to you.

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Free teaching resource to explore the topic of female memorials in London

Inspired by the recent unv...

Inspired by the recent unveiling of the Millicent Fawcett statue in Parliament Square and want to explore this topic with your learners? Download ...

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